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Vizzitec Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – Germane Innovation means “a place for appropriate innovation”. We are a Vision Inspection Solution provider specialized in delivering quality control automation solutions using cameras and software.

We conceive using the latest technology of digital age and information technology which makes the process more comfortable to handle and robust. In the abrasive world of automation only speed, reliability and toughness count. It is necessary to find effective solutions quickly and put them into action.

All the components must function like a well trained team. Only someone who can master all the disciplines concerned can put this into practice. Our team is continuously working on innovative solutions to provide reliant, consistent, technologically advanced, environmentally sound solutions to replace two lively parts of our body with an optical eye.

Image processing or Machine Vision is used in many different application areas - such as industrial automation, bottling industry, FMCG, printing industry, security, smart manufacturing systems, traffic technology and medical imaging - as a powerful and cost effective way of implementing automatic quality assurance...


We ensure that the equal opportunity exist at our organization when people with similar abilities reach similar results after doing a similar...

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Machine vision systems use computers and digital imaging technology to perform visual tasks such as inspection, measurement, quality assurance and control of visual quality...

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